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We have developed a method to select the best ML predictions in a dynamic context.

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Anders Hasle Nielsen

Full-time AI software developer

Educated from IT University Copenhagen 2004.


  • Expert Advisor. EA, mql4 and mql5
  • Python
  • PHP, javascript
  • AI, ML, NLP, Regonition


  • Economic, Finansial, Math, statistic
  • Trading since 2014
  • Accociated professor at ITU, KVL, CBS in Denmark

Developing AI Trading Software

4 years hard work

I have never in my life worked so hard, to accomplish a goal. To become profitable I have used skills like software, economic , mathematics and statistic understanding.

I can’t count how many times I have disappointing my customer and particular my self. When I thought, I had a new reliable pattern, and of course well back-tested. the end of story was always the same....DID NOT WORK. I know today, trading have unlimited many potential traps, and I might been so “lucky” I almost tried them all.

Never Underestimate The Power Of a Dynamic World

One of my biggest mistakes was to under estimate the fact, that the world change. I could not understand, when I had a pattern from for example 2010-2017 with 90% success rate, why it will not work the next couple of years. So how did I solve that challenge?.....I did change from standard software to self-learning machine learning (ML). ML can find a pattern in big data, and it can do it very fast. I can retrain the algorithmic on daily basis. It means if the world change will ML always have an updated algorithmic.

Documentation for ML can create profit

This approach, did make the difference. On Instagram and on Facebook I will publish few predictions/forecast from AI Trading Software on daily basis. On my website I will have monthly analysis, of how the software did perform the previous month.


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